Morocco Expedition – Walking with Berber Nomads

05/17/2020 through 09/29/2021
05/17/2020 through 10/02/2021
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Morocco Expedition – Walking with Berber Nomads

Each year, Berber communities migrate into the High Atlas Mountains to escape the heat of the lower valleys. Following 4000-year-old routes and guided by the seasons, these families are part of the nomadic Ait Atta tribes of southeast Morocco. On this eight-day adventure, you will join a family on an unforgettable walking expedition through the mountains. Sleeping in moving campsites and partaking in daily chores – like animal herding and traditional bread making – you’ll meet locals in tiny Berber villages and see the true wilderness of Morocco. This is a rare opportunity to form connections with locals and experience an ancient and well-preserved way of life, far from your ordinary.



    • In this one-of-a-kind experience, become part of the biannual migration of nomadic Ait Atta tribespeople – a tradition that has taken place through Morocco’s Atlas Mountains for over 4000 years
    • Spend the week with a Berber family, getting to know them personally, walking the same routes as them and learning some basic Arabic to interact the local way.
    • Experience ancient nomadic culture at its heart and participate in daily chores such as milking goats, tending animal herds and setting up and packing down the campsite with your small group.
    • Enjoy delicious, freshly prepared Moroccan food at your camp each day and pick up some traditional cooking methods that have been used in these lands for thousands of years.
    • Wander the vibrant souqs, embracing the sights, sounds and smells of Marrakech on a guided walking tour, and dine on specialities such as tagine in the lively Djemaa el-Fna square.


    Day 1 Marrakech
    Day 2 Imassen
    Day 3 Bouyeghd
    Day 4 Imi n Taghia
    Day 5 Aklim
    Day 6 Ait Hmad
    Day 7 Marrakech
    Day 8 Marrakech

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